"Putting the puzzle together for a better future."

As an experienced Vice President and CFO, I know all too well the struggles in starting and/or restructuring business.  Establishing internal operations to ensure that your business is ran smoothly can be costly.  These costs can put a strain on the cash flow you need to market your business, buy assets, payroll for revenue generating positions, and preventing you from putting money back for slow times of the year. Non-revenue internal positions are needed to stay compliant and structured and without this professional help, it can lead to loss in revenue or even a growth cap due to loss of cash flow.  Many internal positions such as HR manager, Controller, A/R Personnel, A/P personnel, etc., are skilled positions that often requires a degree and/or many years of work experience to be qualified enough to run your business smoothly.  This can be costly for a company because these individuals are very much needed and require high salary payouts.

With Elliott Business and Finance Coaching, you will receive these job duties covered by professionals with the required education and “real life” work experiences at “half the cost”.  Average companies lose 45% of their estimated revenue on these salaries along with state and federal penalties causing you to hire counsel, and lack of operational help to understand where your business is headed.  Wouldn’t you want to gain the help and knowledge with less than half that cost?  Our staff is highly trained and experienced in bookkeeping, HR law compliance with direct EEOC contacts for support, OSHA training and compliance, expertise in marketing analysis, and many more operational skills to get your business hitting those profitable numbers.