Nathan grew up in a small town in East Texas.  When he was not in school playing high school sports, you could find him on the river fishing or in a deer stand looking for that record buck.  Nathan, as a young adult, has had a passion for business from the time of his first big job for a startup oil and gas company.  While establishing changes internally, it was a clear that internal policy with creative operational processing tools was the ground floor in helping a business sustain consistency and growth.  Nathan quickly became an asset and has dedicated his career in small business finance with an emphasis on accounting policy creation and reporting. With over 10 years of holding high level management and executive positions, his management training, marketing analysis, policy and procedure under writing, business reporting in HR, OSHA, and Accounting, and leadership training for new and advanced managers, has proven to be a success in creating growth and allowing for better planning for future sustainability.

Nathan’s success over the last 12 years has been awarded with the Kiezman Award for the “peace rate” pay plan in the transportation industry built to cap labor cost on a once variable system, the VZ environmental award for being a top leader in clean energy, and a “top customer establishment” award for being a nationwide leader in marketing and growth.  Nathan’s credentials include studies from Rice University, completing the Certified Manager Accountant program through IMAs Certification for Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business.  Nathan holds a BBA in Business Management and Administration from Colorado University. Nathan has completed many certifications over the years to update his business knowledge including: OSHA 10, 30 and 500, accident prevention, loss prevention, train the trainer, Texas Railroad Commission Class E Management Licenses, Process Management, and National Center for Education and Research Certification in Construction.  Nathan’s ability to stick out with his creative business tactics lead him in being invited to participate in leadership events, like speaking for Kilgore College to a group of potential donors.  Nathan’s topic was to promote the importance of how creating a safe work environment should not have a price on it.  This help land a $100,000 donation from Liberty Mutual for free Safety classes.